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A platform at a train station. I have designed it as a starting point for a trip to Chile. This page is in Spanish.
Internet Archive: Anden 1996
The Rag
The first issue rolled off a small multilith press in Austin, Texas on October 10, 1966.
The Varsity Theatre Mural Guide
This is a mural I first painted in 1979-80, on what was then an art film theatre. Its theme is the history of movies.


  1. Renato Espinoza
  2. David Fox
  3. Hendle Rumbaut
  4. Gary Floyd
  5. JoshMag
  6. DeDe Priest
  7. Dotty
  8. Robert Szot
  9. Justin Corsbie
  10. Jeremy Rueter
  11. Margaret Henkels
  12. Humberto Ramirez
  13. Tom Alter's Wage Slave Films
  14. Liliana Wilson Grez
  15. Tom Zigal
  16. Susan Lee Solar
  17. Paul and Linda's La Bella Vista at Windham, NY page
  18. Helen Garvy's Rebels With a Cause
  19. Hunter Ellinger
  20. Bill Meacham
  21. The Ghetto
  22. Under The Hood Cafe in Killeen, Texas
  23. Javier Campos
  24. Kerry Awn
  25. Morris Edelson
  26. Mariela Rios Ruiz Tagle
  27. People's History in Texas
  28. Cindy Bloom
  29. Patty Griswold
  30. Lula Marcondes
  31. Ken Hoge
  32. Sergio Chacon
  33. Chilenos in Austin

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alice en el trevi

Soy un artista de 55 años que nació en EEUU de A y se crió en Chile. Hoy vivo en la ciudad de Austin, Texas con mi esposa Alice, y trabajo desarollando el sitio de Internet de la Biblioteca Pública de Austin.

I am a 54-year-old artist who was born in the USA and grew up in Chile. I now live in Austin, Texas with my wife Alice and work at the Austin Public Library as a Web developer.

My sister in law, Mary Ellen Embree Lebien has a web site for her new book Embree Remembered, a carefully researched and documented volume that recounts the lives and times of two of her ancestors, Robert and Effingham Embree. Robert and his wife, Mary Bassett, were among the earliest settlers of colonial New Haven and Stamford. Effingham was present at the creation of the United States and, among many other activities, made tall case clocks, one of which resides in the White House.

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